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As I began to reconnect with many of these ancient truths I was able to merge the boundaries between separate religious practices, seeing the same underlying truths in all of them. My next purpose was to find a way to bring some of this core understanding to others in a tangible way that would help alter their perspectives and thus their entire lives. The birth chart is so individual, so personal and so unique it is very easy to make each and every client comfortable and confident with who they already are.

The next step is to allow gentle guidance to flow in that addresses the wounds of the past whether in this life or previously in order to correct our momentum and direction to successfully bring ourselves into alignment with our future and higher selves. The role of the astrologer is not to direct the fate of individual, or reveal any secret destinies, but rather to simply serve the pre-established flow and bring in a practical awareness that can help reaffirm and reestablish truth on every level of being. I am so blessed to have found myself in such a position and hope to be of the greatest service I can to the planet and the human race.

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February 14, Chat. Table of Contents. See Coupon Code. Tags: None. In working with clients, I often use hypnotherapy if requested as it not only channels the natural, healing flow of energy, but quite readily brings people of all ages into contact with the true, authentic Self.

My classes predominantly have involved teenagers as well as health care providers, but embrace all who are interested. I have been studying Astrology since I was 17 years old. I developed a keen interest in the metaphysical world and the mysteries of life while spending hours taking notes from old esoteric books in my hometown university library. After a lifetime of venturing down a myriad of paths, Astrology coaxed its way into my journey on a professional level. I have two children, am an avid photographer , I travel often with my wife Angelina, and I am interested in practicing sustainable horticulture in the future.

Astrology is a very central part of my life—it is a system that provides invaluable clarity and direction in most effective ways.

Where to find Tom 'Kaypacha' Lescher online

Among the wide range of Astrology schools, Evolutionary Astrology remained my main focus because I appreciated its depth. My name is Suzy Holbrook. My life has been focused on finding my own method for healing the soul. Through a synthesis of a healing partnership with clients, soul-based astrology and my experience with Functional Medicine profound healing can be realized.

I was thrust into my own evolution with a pronounced bang in childhood; the premature death of my father and later my young brother, embezzlement of my inheritance, divided family relationships within which addiction prevailed and my own descent into destructive behavior and depression are all part of my story.

Each and every chapter contributed as a catalyst for profound growth and a spiritual awakening in my own life. Using my unique blend of gifts in astrology and life coaching, I will help you discover what your personal blueprint and purpose is and guide you in bringing this purpose and passion into every aspect of your life.

38 True Astrology Chart Yasmin Boland

This is your Sacred Life Map — and the key to unlocking your limitless potential and living a life beyond your wildest imagination! I am an Astrologer, yes, yet I never planned on being one. Plants had all of my attention before Planets did. And where is that? Richard Tarnas was my catalyst into Astrology with his mind bending book Cosmos and Psyche. Ari Moshe came next, offering me my second, yet first proper Astrology Reading.

And then, with Maurice Fernandez I choose to take it to the professional level, completing his course and getting certified as a Professional in the US. I have been practicing and teaching full time for nearly a decade, giving over a thousand readings to people all over the globe. It never gets old. In fact, it never stays still. Astrology is a study of the symbolic language of God, a study that can never end. Duncan has been a student of astrology since , a practitioner since , and is a graduate of The School of Astrology of the Evolution of Consciousness directed by Maurice Fernandez.

His readings are compassionate and practical, providing context for your life experiences and help in understanding and navigating your life. He specializes in natal chart interpretation and forecasting with an emphasis on healing past life patterns through a greater understanding of life areas such as vocation, relationships, and spiritual purpose. He does readings in person in Lakewood, Colorado, and by phone and Skype.

Studying with Maurice for the past 4 years, what I received was priceless. It clarified and helped me understand myself, my soul purpose, my gifts, and my struggles.

I also came to better understand the bigger picture of why and how evolution plays an important role in our life, and how we all can align consciously with the forces of Nature, Truth. By looking deeper into the possible reasons certain themes reoccur in your life, and helping you to understand your struggles, and your gifts, I wish to pass on the priceless gift I received.

For as long as I can remember, I have wondered about the greater purpose underlying life and the circumstances of our lives. In addition to astrology, I also practice and teach Kundalini yoga. It is empowering to know there is something we can do to shift our way of being through movement, breathwork, and meditation. The gong is a meaningful part of this path for me, connecting me to my natural affinity for sound and music. My passion as a counseling astrologer is to assist parents in understanding who their children are from a soul perspective; what strengths and challenges they bring into this life and how, as parents, they can best support their child to develop, grow and thrive.

For the last forty years I have worked with children and their families in a variety of different capacities from caregiver to educator, homeopath, advisor, counselor, director of programs and entrepreneur. The thread that has connected all of my varied experience is my love of children and my desire to support and encourage their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

In addition to my professional experience with families I am also a parent and know firsthand how valuable having insight into who our children are and our relationship with them can be life changing for them and for us. Astrological insights have changed my attitudes and behaviours and have altered the course of my life and the relationship that I have with my children in a profoundly positive way. In these beautiful and intense times, Astrology is, as it has always been, a wonderful guide in understanding the nature of our own soul.

It helps us to know what cycles we are currently working on, and what cycles are working on us. There is always an important message, that if understood and applied, can make life deeper, richer and more navigable. Learning and remembering Astrology have always felt synonymous, and for many years my classroom was simply life and observation, and in many ways, it still is.

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In addition to star studies, I am a garden designer and a botanical artist. I live in Northern California with my sweet little family. I love this sacred work and feel honored to hold the lantern for others, and their own beauty, mysteries and conundrums. I have been a student of Astrology for over 25 years and in was certified as an Evolutionary Astrologer by Maurice Fernandez. Astrology in its essence is the study of life. It is a language of time, rich with variety and ripe with paradox.

It is an ever humbling guide and with it I can now see through the perfected vision of hindsight how beautifully synchronistic my professional choices and interests have been. Through various trainings, including Thai Massage, Jivamukti Yoga, and colon hydrotherapy, I developed my own personal style of therapeutic touch and ran my own practice. It was during a very bustling time in when many life challenges unearthed themselves, that I started paying closer attention to the movement of the planets.

I was stunned by the accuracy and specificity the study of planetary cycles illuminated for me. This sparked an immense curiosity and deepening of my astrological pursuits.